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Meet Mark Wales.
Mark shares the fundamentals that helped him win on the battlefield, and in business transformation.

As a former special operations commander, Mark Wales is used to operating in dynamic, high stress situations where personal and team performance means the difference between life and death.

The same challenges are found in competition: the need to lead yourself and teams well, to stay mission-focussed, and to transform quickly when needed. In his motivating and engaging keynotes, Mark shares his experiences in leading combat units, and transforming world-class businesses to provide insights on high performance pillars.

Mark’s mastery of the fundamentals of resilience, transformation and execution can help your team triumph in any competition.

Mark is a former McKinsey & Company consultant and has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

Making people and teams, better, stronger.

High performance can be generated from a series of proven habits.

High performance team habits include a culture that allows people to prioritise achieving the mission, supporting the team, and maintaining their own needs. High performance personal habits include personal adherence to continuous learning, exercise, good eating, and quality rest. The skills needed to be a high performance individual, team leader, or team member consist of some mindsets and capabilities that can be taught. 

That is my promise to you – to train you and your team in the habits that will unlock human potential in your organisation. These are the same habits that allowed me to join special ops units, elite businesses and the world’s top colleges. I do this with interactive keynote presentations, workshops and consulting that impart the knowledge, skills and values I learned in my own journey.

Making people and teams, better, stronger.

Keynote Speaking

Who Dares Wins: High performance for teams and individuals

Hear how Mark was able to use his experience leading an elite special forces team in combat to drive decision making and personal performance.

After exposure to the traumas of war, Mark used high performance habits to recover, attend an Ivy League college, and then launch a compelling career as an entrepreneur and father. Mark’s practical lessons about recovering from the traumas of war are key to any organisation looking to promote wellness and resilience in their people.

Mark focusses on practical tips you can apply from Day 1 to promote high performance in teams and individuals, and Q&A after the presentation allows the audience to explore topics in more detail with Mark.

Other Topics:

Focused on skills and mindsets needed to lead teams under extreme uncertainty. Using examples from Special Operations, startups, and McKinsey, Mark focuses on tactical tips you can use from Day 1 to improve your leadership and drive results.

Focusing on the skills and mindsets needed to lead teams under extreme uncertainty and using examples from Special Operations, startups, and McKinsey, Mark focuses on tactical tips you can use from Day 1 to improve your leadership and drive results.

Focusing on the skills and mindsets needed to prevent mental illness, and to recover and grow from trauma and failure, Mark draws from neurobiology and uses personal examples to illustrate a proven approach to prevention, recovery and growth from failure and trauma.

Mark reviews the importance of strategy, execution, and agility in any competitive system, drawing lessons from warfighting in Afghanistan. Useful tips on how to apply this from Day 1 are included in the talk.

Mark shares anecdotes about a hard-earned lesson: execute quickly, with a sound plan. Learn about goal setting, asymmetric warfare, contingency planning and the impact of emotions in a team setting.

In this 45 minute session, Mark focuses on using 4-count breathing to dampen stress responses and improve quality of decision making. This is an interactive class that uses heart rate monitors to demonstrate the benefits of deep breathing in a stressful situation.

Outlines the hierarchy of needs that any effective leader should follow. This is a useful carry over of military values into business settings, proven by 2,000 years of history. Mark discusses the importance of rest, nutrition, exercise and growth for maintaining your foundation as an individual leader.


The Emerging Leaders Workshop is a half-day program that improves team and individual performance for emerging leaders.

“Leading Self” provides training in personal purpose, productivity and resilience.

“Leading Others” includes training on developing your team (coaching and feedback), execution, and communication.

The Emerging Leaders Workshop is a highly interactive workshop that Mark leads personally with engaging examples and exercises.


Mark is a former McKinsey & Company (NYC) consultant who brings data and personal experience to bear in problem-solving within your organisation.

He is especially experienced in delivering Emerging Leaders training and Executive Coaching.

His experience in McKinsey & Company includes executive-level support in the fields of Recovery & Transformation (materials and mining), retail operations (eCommerce) and Program Management (online learning).


Book Coming Soon: Ivy Wars

Modern combat and the journey home - a look inside the psyche of a special ops soldier in Afghanistan.

Mark illustrates the ferocity of combat in modern warfare and it’s impact of continuous stress on the mind of a soldier. This is a book aimed at any executive experienced in working at full throttle, and in search of an authentic perspective on high performance teams and how to manage self-care, including mental health and resilience.

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